Check out the new LilyPad book, Sew Electric!

LilyPad is a set of sewable electronic pieces designed to help you build soft interactive textiles. A set of sewable electronic modules–including a small programmable computer called a LilyPad Arduino–can be stitched together with conductive thread to create interactive garments and accessories. LilyPad can sense information about the environment using inputs like light and temperature sensors and can act on the environment with outputs like LED lights, vibrator motors, and speakers.

LilyPad was designed by Leah Buechley. The commercial version of the kit was collaboratively designed by Leah and SparkFun Electronics.

Get a LilyPad Kit

LilyPad modules can be purchased from a variety of electronics and craft retailers including SparkFun Electronics in the USA, the Arduino Store in Europe, Seeed Studios in China, and SwitchScience in Japan. See the Arduino Buying Guide for more purchasing options.

The LilyPad E-Sewing Kit and the Simple LilyPad Development Kit are good introductory sets.

Learn How to Use LilyPad

The Sew Electric book provides a thorough illustrated introduction to LilyPad. You can also learn how to sew basic electronic circuits from the e-sewing tutorials on this site. Learn how to program LilyPad Arduino boards and build more complex projects by working through the programming tutorials.

Explore Example Projects

Check out the Projects Page of this site to find inspiration. You can also find lots of pictures and videos of LilyPad projects by searching for “LilyPad Arduino” on YouTube, Flickr, Instructables, and other media sharing sites. Also check out the LilyPad Arduino Group on Flickr.

Get Help

The Arduino Forum is a great place to ask questions, find help, and get feedback on your projects. The E-Textile Category is especially useful for LilyPad related queries. Other great places to turn for assistance are the Arduino Troubleshooting Guide, and the SparkFun Forum.