ProtoSnap Development Board Simple

The ProtoSnap Development Board Simple is a great way to get started with programmable e-textiles. By combining a LilyPad Arduino Simple board with 4 LED boards and a buzzer, the ProtoSnap LilyPad Simple Development board gives you everything you need to learn the basics. The kit also includes a programming module for programming the LilyPad Arduino Simple board, conductive thread, needles and a Li-Po battery to power everything. The board includes two pads to connect sensors using alligator clips (or to use as a nifty touch-sensor).

Included on the Board:

  • 1 x LilyPad Arduino Simple Board
  • 4 x LilyPad White LED
  • 1 x LilyPad Buzzer

Kit Also Includes:

  • 1 x LilyPad Programmer
  • 2 x Conductive Thread Bobbins
  • 1 x Needle Set
  • 1 x 110mAh LiPo Battery

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