The LilyTiny is a tiny LilyPad board that can make LEDs twinkle and blink in fun patterns. You don’t have to program the board. It comes pre-programmed to generate fading, blinking, and flickering patterns. Each pin has a different behavior.

    pin # behavior
    0 LED fades in and out like the LED on an apple computer
    1 LED thumps in a heartbeat pattern
    2 LED steadily blinks on and off
    3 LED flickers like an artificial candle

To use any of these behaviors, sew the (+) side of an LED board to a one of these LilyTiny pins and the (-) side of the LED board to the LilyTiny’s (-) pin.

An ATTiny85 microcontroller (the black chip in the center of the board) controls the LilyTiny. If you want to write your own programs for the LilyTiny check out this page.

Dimensions: 20mm outer diameter

Purchase from Sparkfun

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